NB. This page is available for public viewing to indicate when we will be working in Pondhead. You must be a registered volunteer to be able to book onto an event.

Prior to an event please ensure that you are familiar with our General Guidance for Conservation Tasks.

Please book onto conservation events through this page – just click on the event you want to attend to open a new page which will give you full details. Once booked on, it will display on your “My Bookings” page. If you need to cancel for any reason, please also do so via the “My Bookings” page. The event leader will check attendance details the evening before and there is no need to let him/her know if you cancel online prior to this.

If you need to cancel at short notice, the name and telephone number of the event leader can be found on each individual event page

Please aim to arrive at all events at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time in order that we may make a prompt start.


Most of our conservation tasks go ahead irrespective of weather conditions. The only conditions in which an event is likely to be cancelled for safety reasons are during periods of heavy snow/ice, prolonged rain or strong winds when the event will be marked as “CANCELLED” on the list below. However, in these conditions it is sometimes necessary to cancel at short notice in which case we will also attempt to contact you by email – IMPORTANTif you think an event may be cancelled due to adverse weather please check this page and/or your email prior to leaving home.


It is not always possible to provide a detailed description of the work we will be undertaking on each individual conservation task due to changing priorities and weather conditions. In the circumstances, as we list events they are given a basic generic description but as the event date gets nearer we endeavour to update the task details with a fuller description of the proposed work.

NB. You need to be a registered volunteer to book onto events in the diary.


UPDATE 1 November 2020

In light of the Government’s announcement of a further lockdown, unfortunately we will not be able to continue with our autumn/winter conservation programme for the time being. We will re-assess the situation in December.

When our conservation tasks recommence for the autumn/winter season we will  continue to operate with reduced numbers of 6 volunteers and 2 task leaders on each task but will be running three tasks per week rather than two on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. We have risk assessed the running of these tasks in present conditions and a copy can be obtained by clicking here it is important that you familiarise yourself with these Covid precautions and follow them in the interests of you and your fellow volunteers. Task leaders will politely point out if you are not following them. As a responsible registered charity we have a duty of care for our volunteers and do not wish to expose anyone to unecessary risk.

NB. In view of the reduced numbers on each task, please only book onto one task per week initially. However, you are able to book onto any event that still has spaces available within two days of the event.

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