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Uncertain Times — 4 Comments

  1. Derek, Thank you for the latest Newsletter. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I’ve just checked out the new names on the map and I see that Beechen Boulevard has been “Billygoated”, which sounds painful!!
    I see there are still a few untitled, so may I offer “Dibden’s Drive”, “Tippett’s Trek” and “Humphries’Hobble” as possible suitable names?
    Anyone else got any good ones?
    Stay sane and safe everyone.
    Barry L

  2. Thank you for the update Derek. I loved the photos of the burn in evening light. Strange times indeed but with Pondhead updates coming our way I’m sure it will lift the spirits. We shall miss all coming together, the laughs and the banter. It will make it all the more special when we all join up again. Keep safe one and all. Much love Gabby

  3. As usual, Derek, an excellent write up. I was really looking forward to my impending retirement on the 31st March and renewing my acquaintance with Pondhead and fellow volunteers. Its been a long 10 months. However, events overtook us and I retired a week in advance. I had a wander around the enclosure last Wednesday, (my daily exercise!), Lunch and a bottle of cider on the bench at the Volunteer’s Oak. A lovely day and all the hard work done during the winter has really shown dividends. Well done all.
    Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to the relaxation of restrictions and meeting up again. Another Woodsmen’s Brunch, perhaps?

    Stay safe, all.

    ‘Army’ John.