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Spring is in the Air — 3 Comments

  1. Hopefully by the end of May quite a few of us will have had our second injection and the time to build up a good number ( % ) of antibodies. Can’t wait to enjoyably work off the half stone I’ve put on. Take care all.

  2. How does one qulaify to be part of the “maintenance bubble”. And could the AGM be an on-line event – other charities have been doing this.

    • There are 9 of us in the maintenance team comprising Trustees, chansaw operators and conservation leaders who have been keeping things ticking over with some essential bits and pieces and our activities will wind down over the next few weeks. Re the AGM over the past few years we have extended an open invitation to all volunteers as a matter of courtesy and openness as there is no requirement to do so under the terms of our constitution. Unfortunately, not all of our Trustess are up to speed with online meetings!

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