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  1. Great update – more success! great pics too. Sorry not to have been around much , I am nursing Mike after knee replacement. All is well. Glenda

  2. Meant to say that I love the charcoal – it really does do what it says on the tin. Must buy more as it’s a great present

  3. Up to the end of July, the number of butterflies recorded on the Pondhead transects was 1799, compared to 758 for last year. However, it’s unlikely that all of that increase is the result of our conservation activities as increases have been seen on all transects. It will be interesting to see at the end of the season, when all the numbers have been crunched, if the increase in Pondhead is greater than others. In future years, it would be great to see more Pearl Bordered Fritillaries and other less common species. As Derek said, the weather is a critical factor.

  4. I attended the last of this year’s chair making courses yesterday. What an excellent day. Thanks to Perry, Derek,Phil and Mike for ensuring everything ran so smoothly. The instruction and practical assistance was second to none and greatly appreciated. With the patience and help from Perry, Mike and Phil I actually came away from the course with a real usable chair, instead of a pile of matchwood wired into a creation worthy of the Tate Gallery’s ‘Weird and Wonderful’ section. My wife was astounded!
    Derek proved himself master of the Pondhead field cuisine and served up a splendid lunch. A superb day, everyone, and thanks, (from a DIY numpty).

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