As part of our conservation and restoration programme in Pondhead Inclosure we can offer the following sustainable rustic products. All proceeds from these sales are invested back into our conservation work: –


sustainable rustic productsOur coppiced hazel bean poles are a strong, local, sustainable, low-carbon alternative to flimsy imported bamboo canes or plastic netting. In addition to being much more substantial, the rough bark provides an excellent surface for the runners to grip and cling to (unlike bamboo!).

Buying hazel bean poles also supports traditional coppice woodland management which has been proven to enhance the wildlife habitat of a variety of species, some of which have become endangered as their traditional habitats have been lost.

Our poles come in traditional bundles of 11 (10 uprights and 1 crossbeam). They are approximately 8 feet in length and up to 1.5 inch diameter at the base.

Price: £12.50 per bundle – sold out

“Beanpoles are useful. Beanpoles are beautiful. Beanpoles are completely sustainable. What is more every beanpole we use in our gardens contributes to the conservation of the rich but fragile coppice ecosystem. “- Monty Don (BBC Gardners’ World)



Newly coppiced hazel sticks are fully sustainable and, unlike imported bamboo or plastic stakes, are very unobtrusive in a garden border providing a natural look when supporting tall plants. Ideal for dahlias, chrysanthemums, tomatoes, etc.

Sold in bundles of 10 – approximately 4 foot in length & up to 0.5 inch diameter

Price: £3 per bundle 



sustainable rustic productsThese can be used for a range of purposes including posts for securing fencing, tree stakes and bespoke garden projects such as rustic furniture or arbours. Increased environmental awareness and concerns of the use of chemicals for preserving soft wood makes coppiced materials an excellent alternative.

All poles come from our coppiced woodland which is managed on a fully sustainable basis. The poles come in either 6 foot or 8 foot lengths and are approximately 2 inches in diameter at the base. They are supplied in bundles of 6.

8 foot bundle
6 foot bundle £12

Individual poles available – 8 foot £3, 6 foot £2.50. These prices are more than 50% cheaper that comparable products from builders’ merchants, DIY stores, etc., much of which is imported. We can also cut poles to length.

“It really makes good sense to use more British coppice wood products in the garden” – Bob Flowerdew (BBC Gardners’ Question Time)


sustainable rustic productsWillow charcoal has been regarded as the best charcoal for artists for many centuries. It is soft to use, great for fast coverage or large areas and is very forgiving to work with as it erases easily. Charcoal is often used for quick sketching and is chosen by many artists because of the immediate response to the artist’s hand where it can be very bold or blended into soft and subtle shading with your finger. Ideal for beginners as well as established artists.

Willow is a fast growing tree that responds well to coppicing and pollarding. We use bark stripped willow branches from sustainable sources within our woodland which are converted to charcoal sticks in our environmentally friendly charcoal kiln.

Our artist charcoal comes in bundles of twelve 8 centimeter length sticks with diameters up to 0.5 centimetres.

2 bundles for £5
(24 sticks)

Contact 07887811712 or email for further details and/or order.

PLEASE NOTE these sustainable rustic products are available for collection only but free delivery within a reasonable distance from Lyndhurst can be arranged.