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  1. I think you should be very proud of what you have achieved – I am certainly proud to be a part of it. As for the film, I thought it was rubbish – the main man wasn’t even in it? Low budget film with a few tired old actors. All the best
    Mike G

  2. Will have a day or two soon l hope,but am busy with the beating until the end of January.l will be back on a more regular basis then.

  3. Great pictures and really good progress being made. I’m still having trouble getting my asthma under control but when weather warms up I’ll be back with you.

    Kind regards to all, and well done!!!


  4. I have to say that the ditch diving was done with great style, being hauled out perhaps less so. My thanks to my rescuers. Good day though! Chris

  5. Oh dear,can’t do the 15th have an appointment with grandson on this day. Hope all goes well and everyone enjoys the day. C.

  6. The red hat is my pixie hat. I do have also mauve and black version which I wear when there is no bonfire. Roger

  7. sorry i,ve been unable to commit this year.i am still interested and hope to join in more next year,,,as an aside i have aphoto of old charchoal kilns in use back in 1968

  8. Derek. Congratulations. Somebody, somewhere,appreciates all your efforts over the last few years. Roger

  9. Fantastic news Derek. Wouldn’t have been possible without all your organising and enthusiasm!

  10. Congratulations to one and all. Derek it would not work without your organisation and diplomacy in getting us out in all weathers. Well done

  11. Congratulations – thrilled to hear of this. That is quite an achievement and well deserved

  12. Was it just a coincidence that the warning sign was so close to my axe work or was it a ‘pointed’ message.

  13. Great update – more success! great pics too. Sorry not to have been around much , I am nursing Mike after knee replacement. All is well. Glenda

  14. Meant to say that I love the charcoal – it really does do what it says on the tin. Must buy more as it’s a great present

  15. Up to the end of July, the number of butterflies recorded on the Pondhead transects was 1799, compared to 758 for last year. However, it’s unlikely that all of that increase is the result of our conservation activities as increases have been seen on all transects. It will be interesting to see at the end of the season, when all the numbers have been crunched, if the increase in Pondhead is greater than others. In future years, it would be great to see more Pearl Bordered Fritillaries and other less common species. As Derek said, the weather is a critical factor.

  16. I attended the last of this year’s chair making courses yesterday. What an excellent day. Thanks to Perry, Derek,Phil and Mike for ensuring everything ran so smoothly. The instruction and practical assistance was second to none and greatly appreciated. With the patience and help from Perry, Mike and Phil I actually came away from the course with a real usable chair, instead of a pile of matchwood wired into a creation worthy of the Tate Gallery’s ‘Weird and Wonderful’ section. My wife was astounded!
    Derek proved himself master of the Pondhead field cuisine and served up a splendid lunch. A superb day, everyone, and thanks, (from a DIY numpty).

  17. Wow, Derek You’ve surpassed yourself, that’s a great roundup of the happenings in Pondhead.

  18. Jan is a lovely name for the first hedge. Will the others be named alphabetically like hurricanes and storms?

  19. Excellent footage – pity about the sycamore in the regeneration shots but how many of us will notice it . Yes okay i am a tree boy

  20. Great video and review. Inspiring and informative, it clearly shows just how much has been achieved.
    Glad you got Kate Rusby to join our happy band!

  21. Excellent video. Some lovely shots and a very clear, interesting and informative commentary. It tells our story very well. Will we see Derek at The Baftas next year ?

  22. An excellent video Derek, well done. I understand Joanna Lumley is hosting the next BAFTA awards…..give ‘er me luv!

  23. Fantastic photos of those old retorts. Dave doesn’t seem to have changed a bit !!

  24. Lovely pictures, an interesting visit to national archives at Kew. Ahead of schedule well done all.

  25. Derek, I can’t get the order form to work, error message ‘ failed to send’.

  26. Perry, any chance of adding a short spoon making course to your repertoire?!

  27. Congratulations. Reward for a lot of hard work.
    Need a photo of Dave suited and booted.

  28. Brilliant, If you see Phil at the palace, flog him some charcoal for his BBQ.

  29. Great news, well done to everybody who has helped over the last 4 years.

  30. Fantastic news indeed. Whilst everyone who works in all weathers should feel proud, none of this would have been achieved without Derek and Dave’s foresight, organisation and driving force. Well done to everyone, but particularly to you two and have a great day out at The Palace. I look forward to seeing the photos.

  31. This is excellent news and well deserved praise for all of us as volunteers. As several have already said without Dave and Derek cajolling, gently persuading and motivating us all in the right direction this would not have been achieved. Does this mean we need to have a summer BBQ to celebrate??

  32. Well deserved, enjoy the your visit to Buckingham Palace. Pondhead Conservation is a wonderful, enjoyable place to take part in events, Well Done Everyone

  33. Wonderful news, congrats to all and especially to Dave and Derek for their drive and innovation. Enjoy the tea at Buck House and post a pic on the website please!

  34. Great news and well deserved. Well done to Dave and Derek for all their efforts in getting Pondhead off the ground and keeping it goong

  35. Well done Pondhead team. I’m looking forward to ‘photos of the Pondhead chairs gracing the Palaces soon.

  36. As an after thought, do we get to have the letters QAVS added to the logo on our shirts?

  37. I’m quite sure that when I looked at booking for the walk it was full up ???

  38. Thanks for your replies. I have subsequently realised that the cut-off date for the walk was set as 13 June not 13 July as intended – webmaster malfunction!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Interesting drone footage but was’nt it surprisingly noisy and a tad puzzling until it was sighted. We always seem to get more than good value from the O.S.

  40. Derek. Just read the history which I found very enlightening. Well done. Roger

  41. Unable to open the video as came up as ‘SSL protocol error’ A shame as I was’nt able to see them actually working.

  42. A fantastic video, Derek. It really captures the gentleness and power of the horses,and the magic they brought to Pondhead over three wonderful days.

  43. What another fantastic achievement for Pondhead Conservation Trust!!!
    A fitting reward for all the hard work, belief and dedication all our volunteers happily give.

  44. Brilliant excellent summary of a Year in Pondheadconservationvolunteers!
    John Howell

  45. Hi all
    Probably not the correct place to leave a message but can’t seem to find another option.
    As things have come to a sudden stop I would just like to thank you all for making me feel at home during my first season.
    Stay safe see you all next season.
    Ray Oliver

  46. Derek, Thank you for the latest Newsletter. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I’ve just checked out the new names on the map and I see that Beechen Boulevard has been “Billygoated”, which sounds painful!!
    I see there are still a few untitled, so may I offer “Dibden’s Drive”, “Tippett’s Trek” and “Humphries’Hobble” as possible suitable names?
    Anyone else got any good ones?
    Stay sane and safe everyone.
    Barry L

  47. Thank you for the update Derek. I loved the photos of the burn in evening light. Strange times indeed but with Pondhead updates coming our way I’m sure it will lift the spirits. We shall miss all coming together, the laughs and the banter. It will make it all the more special when we all join up again. Keep safe one and all. Much love Gabby

  48. As usual, Derek, an excellent write up. I was really looking forward to my impending retirement on the 31st March and renewing my acquaintance with Pondhead and fellow volunteers. Its been a long 10 months. However, events overtook us and I retired a week in advance. I had a wander around the enclosure last Wednesday, (my daily exercise!), Lunch and a bottle of cider on the bench at the Volunteer’s Oak. A lovely day and all the hard work done during the winter has really shown dividends. Well done all.
    Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to the relaxation of restrictions and meeting up again. Another Woodsmen’s Brunch, perhaps?

    Stay safe, all.

    ‘Army’ John.

  49. Hi Team Derek, Not a Glitch but the Green I’m seeing is a bit bright!!! Happy PH KTx

  50. My phone camera read the QR code fine without an extra app. Of course that’s assuming that the code pointed to charcoal manufacture!

  51. Great to hear that you’re managing to process the charcoal. If and when you need extra savers do let Jonathan and I know. Well done Gabby

  52. The Ancient Technology Centre at Cranborne wrote an article about the Bisterne Dragon, a couple of days ago. I commented about the carved dragon along the path, in Pondhead enclosure, and have hopefully sent them a picture of it, that was taken in the Spring. maybe someone from the technology centre will be in touch.

  53. Derek. Lovely photos of the foxes but I elect Dave’s two dogs under the chair for top spot. Roger

  54. What a joy it is to see the developements in Pondhead Iwas in almost at the start as a volunteer and never dreamt that so much can be achieved.Unfortunately age has crept up and I cannot be a volunteer but take a great interest of the activities.Keep up the good work in these difficult times.
    Dave L

  55. Good to see the wet weather shelter is ‘growing’ and good news about the kiln but what about the Forestry England work unbelievable! Have sent an email to F E expressing my disgust at the poor standard of their work.
    Best wishes to everyone, looking forward to a much better 2021, happy new year to all.

  56. Happy New Year Derek and all Pond life.
    I too have written to FE.Perhaps we should engage the local press with a before and after comparison to show the care exercised by FE, it’s appalling.
    Best wishes all and hoping for a good 2021, stay safe

  57. Hopefully by the end of May quite a few of us will have had our second injection and the time to build up a good number ( % ) of antibodies. Can’t wait to enjoyably work off the half stone I’ve put on. Take care all.

  58. How does one qulaify to be part of the “maintenance bubble”. And could the AGM be an on-line event – other charities have been doing this.

    • There are 9 of us in the maintenance team comprising Trustees, chansaw operators and conservation leaders who have been keeping things ticking over with some essential bits and pieces and our activities will wind down over the next few weeks. Re the AGM over the past few years we have extended an open invitation to all volunteers as a matter of courtesy and openness as there is no requirement to do so under the terms of our constitution. Unfortunately, not all of our Trustess are up to speed with online meetings!

  59. The wild garlic at rear of Limewood is quite a spectacular at the moment, and the lime trees are looking healthy
    well worth a visit with weather holding good.

  60. Derek. A very good explanation of what is to come. Lets just hope the contractors keep to there word and start soon before the rains arrive. Roger

  61. Great to see the scouts doing some really good work (thank you!) and the arrival of the shiny new Dragon.

  62. Well done and congratulations to everyone at Pondhead, keep up the good work. looking forward to being back with you at the end of February.

    Wishing you all a happy new year.


  63. Good idea on the emergency contact – easier for the person to maintain their own current ICE details. We could also go old school and carry an emergency contact card !